29 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Steven Haigh f9d59ce56d [Roomba] Move auto updates to #define WITH_AUTOUPDATE 1 month ago
  Steven Haigh fb7b4cfe16 Add autoupdate.h as a common file for all projects 1 month ago
  Steven Haigh 4cd5a0e21c Enable GratuitousARP as per https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino/issues/5998#issuecomment-484465848 2 months ago
  Steven Haigh 6144139fb3 [Roomba] Minor formatting fixes 2 months ago
  Steven Haigh 7e2ddc8b10 Increase TX power to 79mW (19dbm) instead of 50mW (17dbm). 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh 8639349e14 [Roomba] Reset status on MQTT connect. Forces a retransmit of current status on next run after connect 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh 0315dd6da7 [Roomba] Set status to unknown when MQTT disconnects so we resend status when reconnected. 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh b963ee6b53 [Roomba] We only refresh the sensors every 10 seconds, make the web page refresh match 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh 1b9da7faaa [Roomba] Tighten the timings for SendCommandList 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh a67faf1549 [Roomba] Add define to not build with auto-update via web checks 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh 9f25528060 [Roomba] Add 500 Series OI Spec PDF 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh 16725c98eb [Roomba] Ignore MQTT start commands when already cleaning and battery draw is over 300mA 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh 32d6ad07b2 [Roomba] Clean up web page formatting somewhat and move to CHARGE state defines 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh 3a960e0ded [Roomba] Use chargeState as to figure out if we should ignore start commands instead of battery percent 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh 71fa36df4c [Roomba] Fix status working for Returning to Dock 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh 4aba27f3c6 [Roomba] Minor code cleanups 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh dfd3caf261 [Roomba] Fix some naming to be more consistent 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh 4391e67e19 [Roomba] Switch to using WiFiEventHandlers 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh 7726f31082 [Roomba] Add more checks to ignore start commands in low battery 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh fc835b28fe [Roomba] Only attempt a restart if battery_percent is over 10% to stop running the battery into the ground 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh bf75f3a6a8 [Roomba] Increase low battery return to dock to 50% - when wandering around drunk, it can take some time to get home 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh 24352b5e0e [Roomba] Clean up some of the retry code to try and eliminate issues 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh cf68538356 [Roomba] Ignore start requests if we're docked and less than 95% charged 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh 176af313a3 [ClimateControl] Add IR capability for my aircon 3 months ago
  Steven Haigh 7c3df35e57 [Roomba] Attempt to stop restarting the roomba when we're docking 4 months ago
  Steven Haigh a05f4200a5 Settle back to production espressif8266 SDK 4 months ago
  Steven Haigh 73c781191c Fix platformio.ini for a non-broken SDK version 4 months ago
  Steven Haigh d70256fe57 Use released version of esp8266 frameworks vs devel due to issues in devel right now 4 months ago
  Steven Haigh 2384861c2e Add Roomba code 4 months ago